Volunteers are out on the streets of Saskatoon this week counting cyclists and are taking notes about how many of them are wearing helmets.

'I'm not sure how many people are out and about cycling' - Dr. Emily Sullivan

It’s part of a study by emergency room resident Dr. Emily Sullivan.

The study will attempt to gauge the effectiveness of safety messages.

This week, volunteers will count the riders and take note of helmet use. Then Dr. Sullivan will deliver a series of lectures promoting helmet use at hospitals in the city. The final phase will see volunteers hit the streets again for a re-count.

"We are trying to see if our bike safety and bike helmet awareness event has any impact on helmet wearing,” said Sullivan. 

Sullivan, who is also studying public health, wants to publish the findings.

The big challenge to this study, Sullivan conceded, is the late start to spring.

"With the snow and the weather, I'm not sure how many people are out and about cycling."

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