Saskatoon starts street sweeping and pothole blitz today

City crews will be out in full force today cleaning streets and patching potholes.

Paid for by dedicated tax levy

The spring pothole blitz is on. (CBC)

The big machines are hitting the streets of Saskatoon today.

City crews and private contractors will be sweeping streets on both sides of the river. And they'll be followed by crews patching potholes.

"We want to get out there and clean things up as quickly as possible," said Public Works director Pay Hyde.

"Fortunately, the improved snow grading and removal programs this winter were effective in helping to speed up the spring melt and reduce the development of potholes."

Tax dollars at work

Part of the new 4.29 per cent tax dedicated levy is for improved roadway repairs and maintenance. This translates into an extra $605,000 for street cleaning and $550,000 for potholes.

The street cleaning is expected to take the next three weeks.

Crews will be starting with high-volume streets such as Circle Drive, Idylwyld Drive, 22nd Street, 8th Street and College Drive.