Saskatoon spending $50M on roads in 2014

It's officially pothole season in Saskatoon and the city says it's ready to tackle troublesome roads.

City says it will spend 47% more on potholes, major road repairs, other road maintenance

Winnipeg is facing one of its worst-ever years for potholes but a businessman with an eye for the mayor's chair says he knows a way to make those holes go away. (CBC)

It's officially pothole season in Saskatoon and the city says it's ready to tackle troublesome roads.

On Tuesday, the city unveiled its new "Building Better Roads" plan. The plan includes more than $50 million to be spent on roads, which it said is more than a 47 per cent increase in spending from last year.

Jeff Jorgenson, general manager of transportation and utilities, said increases to property taxes will provide the city with nearly $7 million in new money for roads.

"We're launching the most aggressive program of road construction, road repair and road maintenance ever in the history of the city," Jorgenson said. "The citizens of Saskatoon identified road conditions as the single most important issue facing our city and told us that they support increased investment in our roadways."

Pothole blitz to begin in April

While work is already being done on larger potholes, the city's plan says the official pothole blitz for major roads will begin in April and run into June. The city will then start a pothole blitz on neighbourhood streets.

Major road construction and repair will being sometime in May, but the city said it hasn't released the exact locations and times.

Other work that will be done through spring, summer and into fall includes line painting, street sweeping, sidewalk rehabilitation and maintenance, and maintenance to both gravel and paved back lanes.

Residents can now 'Report a Pothole'

People who are tired of seeing the same potholes on their streets for days, weeks or months can now report them directly to the city online.

The city's new 'Report a Pothole' tool is already available for residents. The map-based system allows people to submit troublesome potholes or to see if they have already been reported.

Replay the Saskatoon Morning live chat below about the city's streets. 

Here is the city's Building Better Roads calendar and breakdown: