Saskatoon SPCA shelter full up with cats, turning away surrenders

To take in any more cats would compromise the quality of care for those currently at the shelter, says the SPCA.

Taking in any more cats would compromise quality of care, says staff

Saskatoon's SPCA, home to cats like 3-month-old Harley (pictured here), is at capacity and can't take in any more cats at the moment. (Saskatoon SPCA)

Saskatoon's SPCA says it has all the cats it can handle for the moment and is turning away people looking to surrender their pets.

"We physically have no space for cats that are coming into the building," said Cathy Brin, the SPCA's public relations co-ordinator, on Friday morning.

The shelter is currently housing 130 cats, with another 50 in foster care.

"As those kittens start coming back from foster care, and needing to be moved up for adoption, it's going to make our numbers even higher," said Brin.

It's not the first time this has happened: The shelter also became overburdened in 2013. 

Food and litter still available

To take in any more cats would compromise the quality of care for those currently at the shelter, she added.

"It's a hard conversation to have, especially when people have made the decision to surrender. They're usually ready right then to give the animal up but, I mean, unfortunately at this time we just can't be of assistance."

The Saskatoon SPCA will provide people with cat food and litter "to tide them over," Brin added. 

Marla, a six-month-old tabby that's been at the shelter since early June. (Saskatoon SPCA)

62 cats adopted out

Brin suggests people take to social media to ask their friends or family to provide a new home for the animals. 

She also mentioned SCAT Street Cat Rescue as a potential alternative, with a cat-veat: "I would imagine that SCAT is in a similar situation to us."

The SPCA recently launched its Cat-ada 150 campaign to find homes for 150 cats by the end of July.

As of Friday morning, 62 cats had been placed in homes as part of the campaign.