The city of Saskatoon has approved a new system of clearing snow in the city.

On Monday night, city council approved a plan to implement a two-tier declaration for snow routes. The city will now be divided into two major routes. The Green Circle snow route, which will be cleared first, includes Circle Drive and 62 other primary roadways. The Blue Square route, which includes Broadway Avenue and 141 other streets, will be declared 24 hours after the Green Circle route.

The changes also impact how long residents have to remove their vehicles one a snow route declaration is made. It used to last 72 hours, meaning residents couldn't park vehicles on those routes for 3 days. Now, the restrictions will only last 24 hours.

Jeff Jorgenson, general manager of the city's transportation and utilities, said the changes should lead to better service.

"Because of the 72 hour restriction that was in place before, the city was very hesitant to actually declare snow routes," Jorgenson said. "It was such an inconvenience for people, so we just weren't declaring."

Another change is to the cost of tickets to those who are parked in snow routes. The fine is now increasing from $65 to $100.

"The main benefit of us having these snow routes in effect is that we will be able to do a better job, a higher quality job, because we won't be having to pull snow from around cars and it will allow us to get through those streets a lot quicker," Jorgenson said.

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