City councillors in Saskatoon tonight will be asked to approve a plan that could dramatically alter the city’s downtown skyline.

'We would ask for potentially a raft of things' - Alan Wallace

Right now, developers must follow a bylaw that restricts the height of a building in downtown to a maximum of 76 metres, or 25 stories. That’s likely to change tonight as councillors are asked to remove the height restriction.

However, builders will not be given the green light to go higher without agreeing to certain design features that would benefit the city.

"We would ask for potentially a raft of things like green roofs, or energy efficiency.  We'd ask for public amenity space at the base of the public building," said Alan Wallace the director of planning and development.

Any project taller than 76 metres would also have to be approved by the airport. That's because flight paths cross over the downtown.      

Wallace said the city isn't currently dealing with any formal proposals for downtown projects higher than 25 stories.