Saskatoon search expands for missing Michael O'Keefe

The search area is expanding to includce the South Saskatchewan River after Michael Joseph O'Keefe was seen at a Valley Road restaurant.

Confirmed sighting at Valley Road restaurant

Police say they've located "personal effects" belonging to Michael Joseph O'Keefe and are now expanding their search to include the river.

The 80-year-old went missing from Sutherland at about 11 a.m. MST on Wednesday. Police say that they did not know where he would have gone, as he had no family or friends that he would have been with in Saskatoon. 

The search took a sombre turn Thursday.

Police say they confirmed that he was seen at a Valley Road restaurant on the afternoon he went missing, and that he had taken a taxi to that location.

And then, police found the personal effects at the scene suggesting that he was near the river. Now, city police are searching with RCMP, Saskatoon Search and Rescue and STARS.