Bedford Road Redmen -- skpic

The Bedford Road Redmen logo has been criticized for being culturally insensitive.

A Saskatoon high school whose sports teams are the Redmen could soon be dropping the name.

On Tuesday evening, the Saskatoon Public School Board is expected to vote on a motion to come up with a new name and logo for Bedford Road Collegiate.

The existing logo shows a First Nations man with braids and feathers.

The motion, which is being put forward by board chair Ray Morrison and Trustee Vernon Linklater, says the change should be made in time for the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.

Name and logo subject of long-standing debate

The Redmen name and logo have been controversial for years.

Some people say they're an important part of the traditions of the school, while others say they're culturally insensitive or racist. 

A report to the school board says there's been a "healthy dialogue" about the name and logo, but criticism continues through social media, formal letters of complaint and a request to appear as a delegation before the board.

"The Bedford Road Collegiate team and sports logo issue is and has been a complex issue that has polarized the community," the report to trustees says. 

"The Board believes that it is time to try to move forward in a manner that respects the many shared perspectives." 

Redmen in Regina

A Regina high school also uses the Redmen name. However, the public school board said Balfour Collegiate originally used it symbolize its school colour — red.

Balfour did use a First Nations logo years ago but dropped it. Because of the Bedford Road debate, Regina Public Schools is asking an Elders Advisory Board to look at Balfour's nickname.

"Regina Public Schools and the Balfour community want to be very culturally aware and sensitive and it has been discussed at the school level especially with what's going on in Saskatoon," spokesperson for Regina Public Schools Terry Lazarou said.

The decision over Balfour's use of "Redmen" is expected to be made before the end of the school year.

Replay the Saskatoon Morning live chat about the Redmen name change.