Saskatoon's MoSo the hottest ticket in town

MoSo Fest kicked off Thursday with workshops on problem solving for small business.

Conference combines social media and music

Amy Prince is brushing up on her tech skills at MoSo 2014. (Britainy Robinson)

A sea of sticky notes line the walls and groups of people rearrange them as they talk. It's just another afternoon at the workshops that make up MoSo Fest. 

The four-day conference kicked off Thursday with a workshop with Etsy designers Kim Bost and Jessica Harllee.  
Participants work on problem solving for business at MoSo 2014. (Britainy Robinson)
Participants are learning to make quick product design decisions and learning ways to improve their own businesses. While many of the attendees are already well versed in social media, here, they learn to be more efficient and to collaborate.

"I think it's good for everyone to kind of step away from their desks and talk to people," explained Harllee. "People who are maybe doing something similar to what they are doing or kind of brainstorming together better ways we could be doing this stuff."

For participants MoSo is a place to find inspiration. Natasha Hnidy works with a local communications firm. She says it's great to collaborate. "You get a lot of great feedback from a lot of different vantage points." Hnidy said, "It's really interesting to hear all that knowledge that everyone brings from different backgrounds."

MoSo isn't just a chance to talk. The conference turns into a music festival at night. Delegates and the public can rock out to groups like Timber Timbre, Woodpigeon and Atlas Sound. All the fun runs until Saturday night.