DeeAnn Mercier of the Lighthouse

DeeAnn Mercier of the Lighthouse says for some homeless people, getting to a shelter is a challenge. (CBC)

A Saskatoon shelter that reaches out to homeless people using a converted ambulance is hoping to raise money to keep the service going.

The Lighthouse is a place homeless people can find a bed for the night, but some aren't going to make the trip on their own.

That's where the Lighthouse's mobile outreach unit comes in.
Every night, staff head out in the truck looking for homeless people who are in need of food, water or blankets.

Lighthouse spokeswoman DeeAnn Mercier says it's a necessary service.
"It's a very cold winter here and for some individuals finding a safe place is very hard and one of the barriers is transportation to get there," she said.

"Even in summer time — it's been extremely hot and they've been going out and distributing water and food."

Having somebody able to help homeless people on the street also frees up police to deal with more crime-related activity.
The Lighthouse also uses the truck to move people who need a place to sleep at night. Money for the program runs out in December.

The Lighthouse is looking to governments and private donors for another $50,000 to keep it running.