Julia Koop

Julia Koop is a volunteer in Sochi. (Courtesy Julia Koop )

For one Saskatoon woman, being in Russia and working as a volunteer for the Olympics in Sochi is a dream come true.

'Oh my goodness. That was actually somebody super famous' - Julia Koop

Julia Koop is in Sochi helping out the athletes, journalists, and spectators.

Koop spoke with CBC Radio’s Saskatoon Morning via Skype on Thursday. She said that working with the athletes at the Games is a joy.

"They are so excited to be here," Koop said. "They are super positive, super friendly. It's incredible. They are so happy."

Superstar sightings

Koop said she’s helped out a few superstar athletes, like U-S snowboarder Shaun White. But as she told Saskatoon Morning’s Leisha Grebinski, she doesn’t recognize the stars until it’s too late.

"For me it's just, you know somebody who might need help, and then later on I find out, 'Oh my goodness. That was actually somebody super famous."

Koop said she’s always wanted to travel to Russia and is trying to learn more about the language and culture.