Saskatoon’s air will be tested by the provincial government’s mobile air monitoring lab.

'Do we need another monitoring station?' - Kevin McCullum

Experts will test for all sorts of pollutants in the air. They’ll do that by moving a special motor home from neighbourhood-to-neighbourhood, and by placing static monitors at strategic locations.

According to Kevin McCullum, the chief engineer with the Ministry of Environment, they’ll collect air samples for the next year.

"We want to essentially get an entire year so we have a different season of sampling to get a full scope of what's going on."

Air quality watched closely

Air quality is already monitored in the city. But as the city grows, McCullum’s team wants to make sure that nothing is being missed.  

SK air monitor

People may notice these testing devices around the city for the next year. (Government of Saskatchewan)

"Do we need another monitoring station, is there an area of the city that is not representative of where we are monitoring in the core?"

A similar test in Regina found no problems with air quality.  The year-long study in that city found that air quality is “good to excellent.”

The mobile lab begins rolling in Saskatoon next month.  But the Environmental Advisory Committee at city hall in Saskatoon will be briefed on the study today.