Saskatoon protesters rally against Prime Minister's visit

Cheers of protest echoed in the streets out front of Prairieland Park in Saskatoon Wednesday night.

Stephen Harper was in the city Wednesday to speak at a Conservative Party event

Dozens of people gathered to protest prime minister Stephen Harper's visit to Saskatoon. (Peter Mills/CBC)

Cheers of protest echoed in the streets out front of Prairieland Park in Saskatoon on Wednesday.

Dozens of people holding signs proclaiming their concerns gathered to oppose Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit to the city.

Harper was there to speak at a Conservative Party event.

Many people at the protest were calling for Indigenous sovereignty, while others criticized Canada's relationship with Israel.

Protestor Sungandhi del Canto said Wednesday she shares those concerns and pointed to a number of other issues as well.

"Cutting the women's health contribution plan, the temporary foreign workers program," del Canto added. "The fact that he's slowly erasing all records of feminists from history. The abuses of human rights both within our country and what he's allowing to happen abroad. It's horrifying."

Sylvia McAdam, co-founder of Idle No More, said it's disappointing the prime minister did not answer their questions.

"Why did he remove the protection to water? Why?" McAdam said. "Why won't he implement, in good faith, the treaties and Indigenous sovereignty? Why won't he implement alternative energy?"

Ahmad Aldissi came to the protest to share his concerns about Canada's relationship with Israel and its role in the Gaza conflict.

"The Canadian government is very biased towards Israel," Aldissi said. "That has to stop because its not helpful for anybody.

"Canada used to be a country where its message was heard by everybody, but now, unfortunately, it's just a biased opinion."