Among those looking to the heavens on eclipse day earlier this week was a Saskatoon priest with a knack for photography.

In his day job, Father Darryl Millette is a pastor with Holy Spirit Parish.

But he also has a science background and spent an hour Monday photographing the partial solar eclipse.

Then he turned his images into a video that's been getting a lot of attention on social media.

Millette used a digital camera with a long lens, some image-editing software and a video editing program to make the 22-second time-lapse video.

"I was excited and relieved," he said. "Relieved that basically several hours of work turned out relatively well. But ... it turned out a little better than I was expecting, so I was quite excited."

The Catholic church once persecuted Galileo for saying the sun, not the Earth, was the centre of the solar system. Millette noted that today the church takes a much more enlightened view on celestial matters.

"Science and faith, I don't think there's any contradiction at all," he said. "It was a Catholic priest who, you know, first developed the idea of the expanding universe — the Big Bang theory — so there's no contradiction there."

He said he's pleased with the public reaction to his eclipse images — numerous people have shared and retweeted his shots.

At the peak of the eclipse in Saskatoon, about three-quarters of the sun's disk was blotted out by the moon.