Saskatoon police will bust medical pot growers after April 1

Inspector Jerome Engele says Saskatoon Police will bust medical marijuana growers who fail to turn in pot and growing equipment on April 1.

Health Canada changes come into effect in two weeks

Soon-to-be-former grower Jeff Lundstrom. (CBC)
Medical marijuana growers in Saskatoon have two weeks to get rid of their pot stockpiles and decommission their growing equipment.

On April 1, Health Canada's new rules come into force concerning how medical marijuana is grown and distributed. And that means that most of the people growing pot now will lose their licenses.

Jerome Engele is an inspector with the Saskatoon police.

Insp. Jerome Engele (CBC)
He says officers will not specifically target the soon-to-be former growers. Police will give them a chance to do the right thing.

"I don't perceive us going out to find out who had a medical license. It'll all take care of itself down the road," he said in an interview.

"Come March 31 everyone will quit producing, they will get rid of all the product that they do have, and or turn in the product and their equipment to the Saskatoon Police Service and we'll take care of destroying it for them."

But Engele made it clear that anyone caught growing after April 1 will be arrested and charged.

Cat litter and water

Last week, Health Canada posted a notice on its website laying out the new protocols.

As of April 1, "personal production and production by designated persons of marijuana is illegal."

"The only way to access marijuana is from a licensed producer when authorized by a healthcare practitioner."

It also offers producers tips on how to dispose of their current supply.

"The recommended method is to break up the plant material, blend the marijuana with water and mix it with cat litter to mask the odour. This can then be placed in your regular household garbage."

As of December, 2012 there were 688 people in Saskatchewan authorized to possess medical marijuana; 276 licensed to grow their own pot; and 56 people licensed to grow for people.