Pin pads like this one have been swapped out for fraudulent pads in Saskatoon. (Canadian Press File Photo)

Saskatoon police say they're seeing more cases of fraudulent PIN pads in the city.

Four reports of stolen or 'compromised' pads have turned up over the past few weeks.
Head of Saskatoon's economic crime section Keith Briant says these pads can be switched in a matter of seconds, and says that means business owners need to be careful.

"Treat it like cash," said Briant. "Like, you wouldn't leave your cash register open to grab money, well, they're doing that to these PIN pads. If they're left lying there, then for sure, they'll come and take them and swap them out."

He said these fraudsters have become very sophisticated. Teams of the thieves crisscross the country, making them very difficult to catch.

Briant says these teams often sit outside the business in a vehicle, recording the information from the keypad on a laptop.

Last year, Saskatoon police arrested and laid roughly 200 charges against a man found with multiple stolen PIN pads in the city.