A Saskatoon police officer who was caught driving drunk while off-duty has learned her fate this morning.

Tara Danielson, who was stopped by police in March, will have to pay a fine and won't be able to drive for the next year.

Danielson was stopped by RCMP while she was driving in Humboldt, Sask. She was later found guilty to have a blood-alcohol level over .08. Danielson expressed her apologies to a provincial court judge on Friday morning.

Ron Piche, Danielson's lawyer, said she wanted to have her day in court.

"It was just an unfortunate thing," Piche said. "Of course she had no plans that evening to consume alcohol and then drive. She was out at a social function, I believe a soccer tournament and made an error in judgement."

The judge handed Danielson a $1,000 fine and her driver’s license has been suspended for 12 months.

"She will be able to apply for the ignition interlock in 90 days," Piche said. "I am not sure that will be able to help her at work but she is sorting those things. At work she seems to be well-liked and I think, I can't speak for the police service, but I think they want to work with her through this."

Danielson was given the minimum penalty for impaired driving.