Saskatoon police will continue to receive money from the province for its special enforcement units that fight crimes like internet child porn.

On Friday, the provincial government committed $4.3 million for seven police projects that are already in place.

Those units include Saskatoon's Organized Crimes Task Force and Saskatoon's Internet Child Exploitation division.

Police Chief Clive Weighill says it's vital to have specialized units that focus on one area, especially when it comes to organized crime. He says the police's most recent major drug busts have all involved organized gangs coming in from outside of the province.

Weighill says fighting organized crime is simply too expensive for a municipal force to handle without help.

"When you're talking about organized crime, you're probably talking about some of the most expensive types of crime to investigate," he said. "You have to use covert activity, you have to use legal communication interception, you have to do surveillance."

The province will be spending an extra $200,000 to pay for salary increases for members working in the units.

Weighill says crime in the city continues to drop. Despite population increases, he says criminal code offences have dropped by 10,000 over the last 10 years.