Saskatoon police say the tickets they issued on Tuesday for driving while taking photos shows more needs to be done to change people's thinking.

Six drivers were fined for taking photos of an accident scene while they were behind the wheel. Four of them were also not wearing seatbelts. 

Police spokesperson, Alyson Edwards, says it's frustrating the message isn't getting through.

"We're telling people, 'No you can't do that,'" Edwards said. "But it's very difficult I think for some drivers to get used to that idea."

Edwards says it wasn't the plan to target passing drivers at the crash, but officers noticed several cell phones, so they wrote the tickets.

"What this says is what a huge shift in thinking we have to make still in our province as far as hand-held device use and driving goes," Edwards said.
There has been heavy enforcement and several educational campaigns since the law came into effect three and a half years ago.

Residents concerned about distracted drivers

Saskatoon resident Ryan Wall says he has no problem with police cracking down on drivers.

"I think they should be ticketed for sure," Wall said. "It's kind of like obscene in a way."

By mid-morning on Wednesday, one Saskatoon police officer had already caught three drivers who were each given a $280 fine. 

Cindy Nemethi admits it's a hard habit to break.

"I've been guilty of that myself in the past," Nemethi said. "But I've also almost been in an accident because I was texting and driving so I don't do that anymore."

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