Saskatoon police pulled over a man last night driving his Ford Mustang 197 km/h.

The 20-year-old man was stopped by police doing a routine radar traffic stop on Valley Road, south of the city. The speed limit on the road is 90 km/h.

Police said travelling at those kinds of speeds is incredibly risky.

"Well, not only is it dangerous for you, for the driver, but it's dangerous for anyone else on that roadway," police spokesperson Alyson Edwards said. "There are speeds posted for a reason."

Edwards said reports of agressive driving are becoming more and more common.

"We are pulling people over, they're doing 135, they're doing 150, they're almost doubling speed limits at times," she said. "It's a concern for us." 

The driver's car was seized and he was given a $795 dollar ticket. No criminal charges are expected.

a car going 90km/h with a car going 197km/h.
50 meters