Saskatoon police air team foils rooftop break-in

A few security guards on the ground called in to report two suspects on the roof of a business, trying to break in to the building.

Two suspects apparently breaking into a building's roof were spotted from a police aircraft


Saskatoon Police Service's eye in the sky foiled an apparent attempt by two men to break in to a business via the roof on New Year's Eve. 

Shortly before midnight on Dec. 31, security officers spotted the pair on the roof of a business on the 2100 block of 22nd Street W. They called the Saskatoon police, which promptly dispatched its air support team.

The air team spotted the pair on the roof. Police said they used tools to pry a hatch open, gaining what police described as "partial access" to the building's interior. 

The air team directed police officers on the ground to locate and arrest the pair, aged 23 and 36.

Both are charged with break and enter and possessing break-in instruments. They both appeared before a Justice of the Peace this morning.