Saskatoon personal trainers coach top talent

Two personal trainers in Saskatoon are busy getting NHL players ready for this year's season.

Trainers get NHL, WHL players ready for trading camp

Trainers Brad Posehn (left) and Josh Saulnier (right) are getting Ottawa Senators' Defenseman Eric Gryba (centre) ready for this year's NHL season. (David Shield, CBC)

Personal trainers Brad Posehn and his business partner Josh Saulnier are spending their summer working with professional hockey players.

The pair have been training athletes for two years in the Saskatoon area. And when the chance came up to work with three NHL players who were staying in the area for the summer, Posehn and Saulnier decided to take the challenge.

"It's fun," Posehn said. "These guys never lack motivation when they come to work out. Motivation is never a problem with the guys that we have. They're pretty good with what they do [and] just need to tweak things here and there."

The trainers met while studying kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan, and also worked with hockey players on campus. Posehn also spent some time working with the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame's hockey program in Wilcox. Eventually, the pair decided to get into business for themselves.

Posehn says there's a lot of pressure on players at the NHL level to stay fit all through the summer.

"You can't go into camp out of shape," he said. "Most of these guys get one shot, one look. And it's definitely important for these guys to focus on what they need to do."

Saulnier adds that just because they are professional athletes does not mean the clients get extra-special treatment.

"You give them a little bit more attention, but we try and treat everyone pretty similar," he said. "You make sure you're on the ball for them for sure, but everyone gets the same treatment with us."

The pair, operating under the name JB Performance Training, also works with players in the WHL and minor hockey.

They've bought a gym and hope to have it open to the public soon.


  • A previous version of this story had an incorrect caption under the photo. The hockey player in the centre of the picture is Eric Gryba.
    Aug 26, 1970 5:30 AM CT