When it comes to canvas, it's a family affair for Ahmree Gordon.

The 14-year-old's work is in the spotlight this week at the Saskatoon Youth Community Arts Project gallery.

Ahmree Gordon and Kevin Wesaquate.

Ahmree Gordon and his uncle Kevin Wesaquate. (Britainy Robinson/CBC)

The pieces are bright and colourful. They reflect a dream world that Gordon said is his "therapy".

"Some of them are dreams, but some of them I get inspired by authors and literary influences, artists like Salvador Dali," Gordon said.

He started painting at 11-years-old and it might be a bit of a family tradition. His uncle Kevin Wesaquate is a prominent Saskatoon painter and spoken word artist. 

The pair are sharing space in this exhibit and Wesaquate said it's an honour. "I'd way rather share my space with an emerging artist like Ahmree."

The show, 'Magnanimity: Courageously noble in mind and heart' has an official opening reception this Friday.

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