Saskatoon Mothers' Centre faces closure

A program for mothers in Saskatoon's inner city is in danger of closing its doors.

Centre helps inner-city women with breastfeeding, provides community support

Participants sewing at the Saskatoon Mothers' Centre. (Saskatoon Mothers' Centre)

A program for mothers in Saskatoon's inner city is in danger of closing its doors.

The Saskatoon Mothers' Centre has had its funding cut by $25,000 by the health region. The centre works with mothers on everything from breastfeeding support to cultural programming.

"It's hard to raise kids by yourself," said board member Marjorie Beaucage. "If you've never really had parenting yourself, how can you be a good parent? Or if you don't know about breastfeeding, where do you find out?"

Beaucage said many of the programs have a waiting list, like the popular sewing program, which allows women to make items like starblankets to sell for extra money. Around 80 per cent of the mothers who use the centre are either aboriginal or immigrant women.

Now, with the $25,000 shortfall, Beaucage isn't sure where the centre will get the money needed to stay open.

Saskatoon Mothers' Centre board member Marjorie Beaucage says the centre may close after a major cut by the Saskatoon Health Region. (Rosalie Woloski/CBC News)

"That's a big chunk of our budget," she said. "We are not core funded by anyone and we have to do grants every year ... We're always scrambling for money to keep the doors open."

The centre has launched an online fundraising effort to help, and is auctioning off starblankets and other objects the mothers have made in the program.

"We're appealing to other mothers to help us," said Beaucage.

Click here for a link to the fundraising page.