"Good morning, it is just after six o'clock and we are thrilled to be drinking coffee with you, all the people of Saskatoon," and with that introduction, host of Saskatoon Morning Leisha Grebinski was broadcast into homes and cars across the city for the first time. 

Thursday marked the debut of the new CBC morning show that was broadcast in Saskatoon on 94.1 FM. The program was available online for the past few months while its broadcast license was under review by the CRTC

Story Meeting

The Saskatoon Morning team prepares for a show. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

 Earlier this week, the broadcast commission approved a license for the show, which airs from Monday to Friday  between 6 - 8:37 a.m. 

"It was good, fun and exhilarating," Grebinski said. "I felt like part of the city this morning."

Leisha is joined by online host Matt Kruchak, who runs a live chat every morning at cbc.ca/saskatoon while the show is on air. The chat gives Saskatoon residents a place to share their thoughts, opinions and stories about the issues important to them.

Newsreader Dan Kerslake rounds out the team and provides the latest news and most up-to-date traffic reports.

Many listeners tweeted the team with messages showing their excitement for the new program. Jacqueline Woods tweeted, "Tuning in to @CBCSaskatoon on 94.1 FM!!! #yxe finally has its own!"

CBC Radio One's The Morning Edition will continue to reach listeners across the province at 540 AM and in Regina at 102.5 FM.