Saskatoon Morning goes to Warman

Warman is booming and it's full of young families. This small city north of Saskatoon now has a population of more than 7,000 people. Saskatoon Morning celebrated Family Day live in the community.

Saskatoon Morning rang in Family Day in one of the fastest growing communities in Canada

In the previous census, Warman was noted as one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. This small city north of Saskatoon almost doubled in population to just over 7,000.

And as the number of people in the community grows, so do their stories.

People are moving to Saskatchewan, and many are choosing to live on the edges of our cities. The heart of Warman is the Legends Centre: a major complex that includes a new middle school, a library, a rink and two large gymnasiums. On any given day there, you'll hear the buzz of young people.

So that's where Saskatoon Morning decided to mark Family Day. The community celebrates Winterfest on Monday and Saskatoon Morning kicked off the day at 6 a.m. CST. 

There was free skating and the gyms were open all morning. There were breakfast specials and the first 50 people to arrive got a free coffee and muffin.

Listeners heard about the demand for child care and the community's new middle school. Mayor Sheryl Spence and the new city manager Stanley Westbey stopped by to talk about the blessings and challenges that come with a small city going through a boom. 

Saskatoon Morning also looked at the colourful history of CyWarman, the city's namesake. And we tapped into one of the most popular activities in the community — cheerleading.