Sarah Cochran

Sarah Cochran near the spot where an unknown man tried to enter her vehicle after she refused to give him a ride. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

A Saskatoon mother is shaken after someone tried to force his way into her vehicle Thursday. 

It happened in the parking lot near Riversdale Pool around 3:15 p.m. CST. 

"It makes me feel sick when I think back about how close my kids and I came to having a much more scary incident," said Sarah Cochran.

Cochran had just put her sons, ages 4 and 2,  in her vehicle. She was slowly backing up, when a young man came up and asked for a ride.

He tried to push a twenty dollar bill through her partially rolled down window, claiming he had been mugged and was trying to get away from his attackers.

She refused. Then he pulled on the door handles. But her doors had already locked automatically, and she drove away.

Even so, it scared Cochran enough to change her habits.

"My husband's truck doesn't lock the doors when you're driving," she said. "It made me think how easily somebody could jump in your vehicle at a light when you're stopped. So when I'm driving his vehicle it'll be one of the first things I do is lock the doors when I get in."

Police said the man, 31, was running away from them after they tried to stop his vehicle for a broken tail light.

The pursuit started downtown, and ended in Riversdale. His abandoned vehicle was found in a back lane on Spadina Crescent West, between Avenue F and G. He ran off on foot, and was apprehended in the 900 block of Avenue M South.

Charges were pending, police said.