A Saskatoon mom is boycotting the Midtown Plaza, and has launched a social media campaign against what she sees as a case of overexposure at the mall.

Jennifer Campbell doesn't like the large posters that have gone up in the mall advertising the new Victoria's Secret lingerie store.  

"This is overkill. This is too much," she said. 

Campbell decided to take action after visiting the mall with her two young sons and niece. Inspired by her niece's negative reaction to the ads, she took to Facebook, outlining her concerns.

Campbell sees the mall as a place for families, and asked, "Would we put this ad up in a playground? Or would we put the ad up in a school?"

"No we wouldn't because that would be so inappropriate."

Campbell said she is not trying to run Victoria's Secret. Rather, she'd like the Midtown Plaza to scale the campaign back a little and remove the provocative lingerie posters in areas where there are a lot of children, places such as the elevators in the centre of the mall. She also worries about the message those posters give to young people about body image.

"I won't be going back to the mall until they are gone."

The Midtown Plaza is not taking them down earlier than planned because of complaints. A statement released to CBC said the ads were already set to be removed by the end of the week. 

The statement read, "...while we understand and empathize with parental concerns, it is simply not our role to censor marketing campaigns as long as they conform to regulatory standards set by Advertising Standards Canada. We provide the same in-mall advertising opportunities to every retailer who joins us at Midtown to support their grand openings for a period of four to six weeks."