Saskatoon medical pot grower burns stash and dismantles grow-op

Saskatoon medical pot grower Jeff Lundstrom says he doesn't want to become a marijuana martyr and fight Health Canada and Saskatoon police.

Jeff Lundstrom vows to fight another day

Jeff Lundstrom following the letter of the law. (CBC)

Jeff Lundstrom says he knows it's a fight he can't win.

So, he's shutting down his medical marijuana grow-op in Saskatoon and calling it a day.

"Do I want to go down for the cause?" he said in an interview. "I'd love to, but I need to be a father to my family. I think that's all there is to it. My family comes first."

My idea is to smoke it. That's how I'm going to destroy it -- by burning it.- Jeff Lundstrom

Health Canada is changing the rules for medical marijuana growers. It's changing the system so that it can keep a tighter check on supply.

Come April 1, all the existing grow licenses will become invalid. Anyone interested in growing marijuana after that date can re-apply — but the government wants it done on a larger, corporate scale, instead of small grow-ops scattered across the country.

The kitty litter solution

​​On its website, Health Canada suggested that growers destroy their existing supply by mixing it with kitty litter and water and throwing it in the trash.

Jeff Lundstrom's medical pot crop. (CBC)
​Lundstrom laughed at the idea.

"My idea is to smoke it. That's how I'm going to destroy it — by burning it."

Lundstrom doesn't agree with the changes and he won't sign up for the new program, nor will he risk incurring the wrath of police and the government.

"It's already shut down, we cut the last crop out of there, you're looking what's left of it in a jar," he said. "So that facility's been dismantled."

Lundstrom said he'll likely go back to buying his medical marijuana on the black market.