Saskatoon mayor says may be time to lower bridge speed limits

Saskatoon's mayor is pondering lower speed limits for bridges during the winter months.

Second serious accident in less than a year

The city may be changing speed limits on bridges. (CBC)

Mayor Don Atchison says it may be time to lower speed limits on the city bridges.

The issue of bridge safety is on the front-burner after a driver sailed off the deck of the Circle Drive Bridge Monday. The 23-year-old woman survived after clambering onto the roof of her car before it went underwater.

Her car flew off the bridge after sliding into hard-packed snow along the guardrail.

Perhaps we need to reduce the speed on the bridge during the winter months.- Mayor Don Atchison

"Some people have made suggestions that perhaps we need to reduce the speed on the bridge during the winter months," Atchison told Saskatoon Morning.

"So we'll have to see how we can deal with it, but looking at the policy and the change is certainly the right way to go."

The issue will be on the agenda at the city's first council meeting of the year on Monday.

Not the first time

Last week's accident is not the first time a driver has been launched off a city bridge.

In March, a pick-up truck lost control while travelling northbound on the Circle Drive overpass at College Drive. It hit the built-up snow near the guardrail and then left the overpass -- landing on its roof on College Drive.

The driver survived.

A police investigator concluded accumulated ice and snow along the guardrail contributed to the accident.

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