Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison has restated he'd like to see the rail lines cutting through his city moved.

It's a subject he's raised before, citing safety and traffic concerns, but he raised it again Monday following the massive train derailment and explosion in Quebec.

Thirteen people died and another 50 are missing following the crash of the train carrying crude oil Saturday at Lac-M├ęgantic.

Atchison says trains move through Saskatoon slowly and the rail lines are regularly inspected, but they should still be moved.

"Is there anything that's 100 per cent foolproof? I'm not sure of that," Atchison said.

"But one thing I know for sure is that we'll continue to work with and encourage the railways ... to move the rail lines outside of the centre of the city of Saskatoon."

Along with the national rail lines, Saskatchewan has four short lines hauling oil.

The province says 18 per cent of the oil shipped in Saskatchewan is by rail.