George Turay is doing what he can to remove some of the mess from Saskatoon's snow dump. (CBC )

A Saskatoon man is working to remove debris from a field north of the city that was used as a snow dump, but has become an eyesore.

"I don't feel good about it because there is lots of stuff in here," George Turay told CBC News Monday. "They have bottles full of oil, full of other chemicals. And second of all, it seems like people, they don't care what they throw away."

Turay likes to go on bike rides in the area and was fed up with what he saw.

He is combing through the field, picking up recyclables. 

"They are taking it for granted in here," Turay observed, commenting on how the dump has been abused. "People don't know what they have and they are ruining it."

City officials say they have received some complaints about the site, but have not done anything because they want to wait until the ground is no longer muddy.

"You can't just send anybody in there," Pat Hyde, from Saskatoon's public works department, said. "There is occupational health and safety guidelines we have to abide by. So we have to make sure the site is safe."

Turay said he understands that his little bit of picking up may not make much of a difference, but he felt he had to do something. He added he would have hoped city officials would have given more thought about the site before creating a dump.

"I don't like it, but I am just one guy who can speak up about this," he said. "I am not trying to tell the city or municipality what to do, but think before you do something like this."

Officials said the area will likely be used, again, as a snow dump for the next few winters.

With files from CBC's Madeline Kotzer