Saskatoon man upset after kid poops in city pool

One man is speaking out about contamination in public swimming pools in Saskatoon.

Family forced to leave pools twice because of 'contamination'

One man says swim diapers should be mandatory in public pools.

One man is speaking out about contamination in public swimming pools in Saskatoon. Specifically, he’s worried about the sort of contamination that might escape from a baby’s diaper.

There was word that someone had pooped in the pool- Beau Swanson 

Beau Swanson and his young son were swimming in the pool recently at the Lakewood Civic Centre when a lifeguard suddenly raised the alarm.

"The lifeguard blew the whistle and said 'everybody out of the pool,' so everybody got out, and then there was word that someone had pooped in the pool,” he said.

That was enough for Swanson. He said they were “grossed out” and left. According to Swanson, it wasn’t the first time, so he wrote a letter to City Hall suggesting that the problem could be easily fixed by making swim diapers mandatory for all children under the age of three and recommended for children up to the age of five.

Others share similar stories

Swanson has also been writing about what the two incidents on Facebook and he’s been hearing from other people who’ve suffered through similar experiences.

"A few other people have actually said that it has happened to them, so it's nice that it's actually out there now and something might be done about it."

Swanson’s letter will come before city council on Monday.

However, he’s not planning to attend tonight’s meeting. 


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