Lialo Salaash

Lialo Salaash and his mother in Kenya. (Supplied Photo)

Saskatoon man Lialo Salaash and his wife Natasha have managed to raise more than $20,000 to build his home village in Africa a well.

Growing up as a Maasai tribesman in Kenya, Salaash often had to walk an hour to get to the nearest river.

The area is very dry, and the majority of people there get hydration from surface water bodies, like rivers and pools. That could pose a danger.

"When animals are also drinking from the water, people get diarrhoea, and things like that," Salaash said. "A lot of tyhpoid."

maura salaash

Lialo Salaash's brother Maura washing his hands with water from the new well. (Supplied photo)

Salaash says the well will really change things for people in the village.

"It's going to be for everybody," said Salaash. "The whole community."

The well was drilled earlier this month. While Salaash and his wife couldn't be there for the drilling, they definitely heard a lot of feedback from locals.

"It's hard to explain how happy they are," says Natasha Salaash. "Their voices on the phone, it's like they're singing. The phone's rung non-stop."

The project isn't finished yet. The couple still need to raise enough money for a pump for the well. A gas generator could cost anywhere between $6,000 to $8,000. A solar-powered pump could cost around $20,000.