When Andre Lalonde heard word that Saskatoon's Traffic Bridge, also commonly referred to as the Victoria Bridge, would be closed permanently, he found a unique way to commemorate the historical structure.

After three years of hard work assembling roughly 16,000 pieces, Lalonde had completed a 1:40 scale model of the bridge made completely out of Lego.

"I've ordered parts from around the globe," he said. "It took an army of my friends and myself a number of months to put together and another number of months to actually design it digitally before I came up with the final product."  

Sitting at 7.6 metres in five separate sections, the model currently takes up a large section of his basement.

Lego Bridge

The space in the basement is too small for all five sections to be connected. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

It cost about $2,000 to construct, with a portion of the funds provided by the Saskatoon Heritage Society.

"I'm a fan of Saskatchewan history, so all my previous projects have been based off of things in and around the province and the Traffic Bridge seemed to be a local icon that I was willing to pursue and build," Lalonde said.   

"I like to build close to home, usually always in the province, and I always build something in the current events."

Lalonde said his next Lego feat will either be the Delta Bessborough or the Albert Community Centre. 

And although the replica has a striking resemblance to the now collapsed bridge, he has hopes that the model will have a long lasting future.

Lego replica of Traffic Bridge in Saskatoon0:40