You might think that lawn bowling is the sport of Granny and Gramps, but one Saskatoon club is trying to shake things up a little.  

"That's the stigma that we are trying to break," said Frances Scott in an interview with CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Scott and her group, the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club, are leading a well-manicured revolution of sorts, attracting a big crowd of 20-somethings out for a mid-week recreation league.  


Frances Scott said the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club is attracting a lot of young adults with its Wednesday night recreational league, but they are still struggling to bring younger children to the game. (CBC)

Relax in the sun

"The more they get to try it, the more they enjoy it," Scott said. "It's a great way to come out and relax in the sun, and have a drink, and it has been really successful so far."

But there is more work to do. Other cities have thriving junior leagues filled with children learning the game at very young ages.

Scott said that they've had more trouble in Saskatoon getting kids out on the green.

"As long as you can hold a lawn bowl in your hands you can come out and try. So we've had some kids come out and join our clubs over the last couple of years, and it's been really great to see younger people involved because it's really a sport that you can play for your entire life."

Information about what the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club has to offer people both young and old can be found at the club's website. 

with files from Saskatoon Morning