A local group called Sasklandia wants more Saskatoon shoppers to buy local.

The group is trying to convince the provincial government to declare a Buy Local Day across the province once a month.

As of now, it's focusing on building momentum slowly by talking to members of the public through social media.

"Right now we're getting as many businesses to show their support, as many people showing support, then we'll approach the government and have some discussions," said Fred Reibin, one of the group's founders.

Reibin believes Saskatoon can benefit from a strong local business community.

"We've all travelled to other places, Vancouver, parts of Europe, Montreal, places where there's really strong local culture, and local business environment." 

Right now, the group is busy signing up businesses and the public over social media.

You can follow the group on @sasklandia, or visit them on their website, www.sasklandia.com. 

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Live Blog Live chat: July 30