Cheryl Loadman

Cheryl Loadman worries that some people can't get into the Field House. (Courtesy Cheryl Loadman )

A senior’s group in Saskatoon says it’s too hard for people with limited mobility to get into the Field House if they are using public transit.

'We see that there are some barriers' - director of transportation Angela Gardiner 

The Saskatoon Council on Aging has an office in the Field House, and is hearing a lot of complaints.

The organization said that the bus can't stop at the front door, there's no sidewalk from the bus stop on College Avenue, and the light to cross the street changes too quickly for people with mobility issues to make it across.  

The council's Cheryl Loadman said it’s not just inconvenient. The lack of access, she said, keeps some people away from the Field House.  

"And in fact, it's a barrier for many who are not able to get onto the Access Transit, you know if they want to take the programs here they can't, and it is difficult."

Saskatoon City Hall is aware of the problem 

"We see that there are some barriers getting there and we are always looking for some opportunities to remove those barriers,” said director of transportation Angela Gardiner.

Gardiner believes they've done all they can for now.

The city is, however, working with developers to bring better access to the Field House, but that work likely won’t begin until next year.  

Loadman said they’ve been very patient, working with city hall on access issues, but that they would like to see things improve soon.