A Saskatoon group isn't giving up its dream of a pedestrian-only Traffic Bridge.

SCRUB, or the Saskatoon Coalition to Revisit and Re-imagine our Urban Bridge, is making a presentation to the Meewasin Valley Authority today.

It plans to release an opinion poll conducted by Insightrix Research on the bridge project, The poll asked people to choose from a list of design concepts that would "best contribute to the quality of life for Saskatoon residents over the next 80 years."

A number of different options were listed, from a recreational bridge that would include park benches and lighting, to a four lane bridge with no sidewalks at all.

"We specifically asked about the quality of life because we want people to realize this is a shared resource. We would all benefit from it," SCRUB founder Marcel D'Eon said. "We put in 80 years, because that's how long the bridge is supposed to last. That's its lifespan."

Set in stone?

Right now, the City of Saskatoon has agreed on a two lane design for the Traffic Bridge, with a walkway on both sides of the bridge to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. 

The City is currently looking for a company to build the bridge, along with the new North Commuter Parkway project. The estimated cost of the project is set at $252 million, with a completion date of 2018.

However, D'Eon believes the Meewasin Valley Authority has the ability to overturn that.

"The MVA has the authority from the provincial legislature to control the design of structures within the land allocated to it," he said. "They have the duty and responsibility to approve the design so that it really improves the quality of life and well being of people in Saskatoon."

The results of the poll will be released at today's Meewasin Valley Authority meeting.

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