Some new Joan Jetts and Lady Gagas could be in the making.

A group of young girls in Saskatoon are learning to be rock stars.

They're participating in the city's first-ever girls' rock camp.

During the week-long summer program girls age 7 to 13 learn to play an instrument, form a band and write a song to be showcased at the end of the week. 

Mairin Loewen is an organizer and instructor.

Saskatoon rock camp

Girls jam at rock camp. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)

"You're definitely going to see more male musicians on stage than women," Loewen said.

"So we want to make sure girls know that they can be rock musicians if they want to and that they get that early start in training and experience."

11-year-old Loa Kouri says both her parents were in bands. And she wants to be in one when she grows up.

"I really like drums and keyboards because I think they're one of the loud ones and I think it's cool."

In addition to technical training, campers take part in a number of music and non-music workshops on creativity and confidence building.

The camp, held at Grace Westminster United Church, is run by volunteers. The instruments are provided and no previous musical experience is required.

Organizers hope to put on the camp again next year.