A man convicted of the largest fraud in Saskatchewan history is going to prison.

And so is his daughter.

A Saskatoon judge sentenced Ron Fast to seven years on Friday. His daughter, Danielle Fast-Carlson, was given a 30-month sentence.

They stole $16.7 million from 250 elderly investors.

Harsh words from the bench

"You are bereft of a moral compass," said Justice Richard Danyliuk of Ron Fast.

"The sheer magnitude of this fraud is compelling. Few cases reach this level of deprivation."

At various points, Danyliuk referred to Fast as a thief, a coward and a user.


Al Procyshyn is a victim of Fast and his daughter. (CBC)

Al Procyshyn is one of the victims.

He said the judge missed one characterization.

"He's arrogant. That's the only word that the judge didn't use, he's arrogant. That's the word I'll use," said Procyshyn.

'A thief and a coward.' - Justice Richard Danyliuk

The case dates back almost a decade and involved a company run by Fast called Marathon Leasing Corporation.

In 1980, it began as a vehicle leasing business but expanded into the financing of restaurant equipment and then, later, a series of intertwined companies. Fast attracted investors by offering higher-than-usual interest rates.

Danielle Fast-Carlson worked as the company accountant and bookkeeper in its later years.

Sentence appropriate: Crown

Prosecutor Gary Parker had argued for a ten-year sentence for Ron Fast, but said that the seven years "is entirely appropriate".

"It was a large fraud, in excess of $16 million, involving about 250 victims. I believe it's the largest in Saskatchewan history."

The judge made a restitution order against Fast of $16.7 million.