Saskatoon food trucks rolling ahead

Saskatoon's Planning and Operations Committee gave its stamp of approval for food trucks this afternoon.

City committee gives stamp of approval

Saskatoon has moved a step closer to having food trucks operating throughout the city. (CBC)

Saskatoon foodies could be getting a chance to eat at mobile food trucks as early as next month.

Today, the city's Planning and Operations Committee approved a report on the trucks and forwarded the issue to city council.

"I think it's great," said prospective food truck owner Dan Walker. "It shows the city is willing to be progressive."

Council is still debating the rules for the food trucks. The current plan is to have a 30-metre buffer zone between restaurants and food trucks in the downtown, and a 20-metre buffer elsewhere in the city.

Walker isn't a big fan of that particular rule. He owns a restaurant on Broadway Avenue and wants to park his food truck outside his restaurant late at night to cater to bar traffic.

"My spot is on Broadway where there's seven bars, so why can't I have my restaurant in front of my own business?" he said.

There are also critics of the food truck concept. One restaurant owner told the committee he wasn't pleased with the idea of food trucks in his area and felt they would take away from his business, especially in the busier summer months.