Saskatoon film premiere to help youth in crisis

A Canadian made film sheds light on the world of drug addiction and aims to help young people here in Saskatoon.

Three Colours & A Canvas paints a picture of addiction and violence and its impact.

Saskatoon audiences can see Three Colours & A Canvas at the Roxy Theatre Thursday. (Vision 10 Productions Inc.)

Three Colours & A Canvas is a gritty look at the impact of choices and how quickly the world can spiral out of control.

The Calgary-made film, which plays at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon on Thursday, centres around Rosa, a young immigrant woman, who works at a dead end job and is generally bored. 

Her life quickly changes when she takes in a roommate to help with Rent. Cassie is a free spirit with sticky fingers and some drug habits of her own.

The pair soon meet two young men with similar circumstances and life quickly begins to spiral downward. The result is a story of lives out of control and corrupted by drugs and violence.

Real stories inspire film

Writer and directer Shailender Vyas got his inspiration for the story by meeting and talking with people on the streets of Calgary.

"I went to downtown started to meet homeless people," explains Vyas. "What really struck me is the effects that mental health and addiction have on people, spoiling their lives."

Vyas and his wife Ritika Anand, who also stars in the film, are now screening it across Canada. 

The producers are touring the film across the country. Some shows have sold out and this isn't just good news for cast and crew. A portion of the proceeds from the screening is being donated to the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service.

"If one person says this film makes a difference in my life, then it's done." Vyas said, "This film shows what happens when you are trapped in addiction. You might not have the best option, but there are always options in life."

Tune into CBC TV Tonight 5-6:30 p.m. CST to see excerpts from the film.