Saskatoon family lights up street block with holiday light show

Scott and Shelly Lambie give Clark Griswold a run for his money with their independent, holiday light show at their home on Clinkskill Drive in Saskatoon.

The Lambie family has more than 35,000 lights synched to holiday music on its front lawn

The Lambie family has more than 35,000 light bulbs in their Christmas display. 1:06

The bungalow at 2706 Clinkskill Drive is lighting up its city block for the Christmas holidays, just as it has done for the past two years.

Each year, the Lambie family tries to make its holiday light show bigger and better than the last. They have synchronized more than 35,000 lights to holiday songs that they transmit from their home over 89.7 FM in the city.

Scott Lambie decided to put on the light show two years ago, at the request of his daughter. At first he started small.

"You buy two control boxes, and after you buy two, you realize that it is just not enough," Lambie said. "Now we have 13 control boxes on our front lawn."

Scott and his wife, Shelly, spent months preparing the light display. They start planning for the next holiday season's display each summer, and Scott is out hanging the lights by September.

"First we build the displays, and from there we program the music," Scott Lambie said, moments after his wife Shelly joked that it isn't weird for them to be humming along to Christmas tunes in July.

This year the 89.7 FM broadcast intermittently plays clips front the Hollywood Christmas Classic, Christmas Vacation.

Scott Lambie said he can relate to the film's protagonist, Clark Griswold. However, he believes his house in Saskatoon would give the Griswold's fictional, spectacularly well-lit house, a run for its money.

"You have a string of lights, they work on the ground, you put them on the eaves trough, they don't work. Right? So that is what we are doing with this," Lambie explained.

[Clark Griswold] had 25,000, we have 35,000 so we are ahead of Clark.- Scott Lambie

"I am a Clark Griswold fan, he cracks me up... He had 25,000, we have 35,000 so we are ahead of him. We are ahead of  Clarke."

The Lambies' have put countless hours and thousands of dollars into their light display. To see what they've done in other years and to sign their guest book visit their website:

The light show is turned on Monday through Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm and Friday to Sunday, from 6 pm to 10:30 pm.


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