The City of Saskatoon unveiled a proposed 50-year growth plan that could lead to an urban area that encompasses large portions of its rural neighbours, including Warman and Martensville.

According to Saskatoon's city manger, Murray Totland, the region's population could reach one million by 2063.

In the shorter term, Saskatoon expects 450,000 people by around 2032.

Totland noted Wednesday that the city grew by 10,000 people in 2012.

According to the proposed plan, Saskatoon's growth would affect the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, and the cities of Martensville and Warman, the town of Osler, several First Nations' and numerous rural landowners.

"We have always enjoyed good relationships with these communities and stakeholders," Totland said.

The growth plan is in the early stages and needs to be considered by city council. The first meeting on that is set for July 17.