'Dining in the Dark' raises awareness in Saskatoon

A unique culinary experience in Saskatoon is helping raise awareness and funding for vision rehabilitation programs at CNIB.

The event was put on by CNIB and raised money for their vision rehabilitation services

'Dining in the Dark' in Saskatoon raised money for CNIB's rehabilitation programs. (CBC)

CNIB hosted an event Thursday night that had attendees eating completely in the dark. 

The event was to raise awareness about the realities of living life as a blind person, and provided a unique culinary experience to guests. 

Paris and New York are examples of cities that have hosted similar events, where guests depend on only four of their senses to eat their meal.

The idea is that because participants are not using sight, their taste buds are more active and the food is more flavourful.  

For Charlene Young, a CNIB volunteer and client, the evening is a glimpse into what life is like without sight. 

"Basically, this event is to promote blind awareness. People need to realize that it's not always easy for someone that has vision loss to do certain things," said Young. 

She hopes that people realize that losing eyesight can make simple tasks, such as pouring water, incredibly difficult. 

'Dining in the Dark' raised money for CNIB's vision rehabilitation services.