Saskatoon drivers knew this day was coming.

Road construction season is in full effect in the city, and now officials are reminding drivers that along with that work, comes the zipper merge.

Know how to zipper merge?

Here's what you should do according to the experts at city hall. As you approach the "zipper merge ahead" sign, stay in your lane until you see the "merge here" sign. Then, simply take turns moving into the open lane. 

The zipper merge made its debut in Saskatoon last summer, and led to much discussion about whether it really helped keep traffic moving, or created confusion and frustration for drivers. 

Already, the zipper is in place on Circle Drive, and it will also be in place on Idylwyld Drive soon as crews work to resurface the road there.

This morning, City hall also suggests the zipper could come to other locations as traffic control plans are finalized.

The city has posted a video on how to use the zipper merge here.