Clover the wonder dog.

A Saskatoon dog is being praised for helping police track down a 65-year-old woman who had wandered away from her care home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police said the woman, who suffers from dementia, left from the St. Henry Avenue location just before 2 a.m. CST and became disoriented.

The home was searched by staff and officers, but they could not find her. 

Police expanded their search to the surrounding area, but were unable to use their own trained, tracking dog because the canine unit had been dispatched to another call.

While looking for the woman in Diefenbaker Park, officers ran into two people walking their dog Clover.

They said they hadn't seen the woman, but would be happy to put Clover to work to help track her down.

It only took the dog a few blocks of tracking and searching to locate the woman, who was returned safely to the care home.