Saskatoon designer brings high fashion home from New York City

Saskatoon-born fashion designer Breanne Harrison-Pollock is showing her designs off this weekend at the city's 3rd annual design festival.

Designer Breanne Harrison-Pollock is excited to debut her designs in Saskatoon.

It's glitz, glamour and of course, all about the look.

The city is putting its best fashion foot forward this weekend for the 3rd Annual Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival.
This is a weekend full of workshops, parties and runway shows. It's a celebration of local designers and among them is 21 year-old Breanne Harrison-Pollock.

Harrison-Pollock just wrapped up her training at New York's Parsons New School for Design. Her degree came along with other honours. Harrison-Pollock had her work featured in the window at Saks Fifth Avenue. She's excited to be bringing her work back to Saskatoon for a hometown show. 

"I'm excited to be part of this fashion community," explains Harrison-Pollock. "There's so much great talent here and other designers that are doing really exciting things that I wanted to be a part of that."

Her designs are much more works of art than street wear. Harrison-Pollock says her designs should evoke feelings in people. "Fashion is more than just a piece of pretty clothing. Fashion needs to represent social change and needs to talk about the big issues that are going on in our world and our community."

The Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival kicked off Thursday and runs until Sunday at various venues around the city.