darby taylor saskatoon

Riversdale Delicatessen owner Darby Taylor.

Darby Taylor says he will never forget the day when a suspect in a stolen truck drove straight at his business.

On Wednesday afternoon, Taylor was busy making sandwiches at the Riversdale Delicatessen, on the corner of Idylwild and 20th.

Police cars suddenly pulled up, blocking traffic, while officers pulled out 'stop sticks', used to blow out the tires of speeding cars.

Then, a stolen truck came racing through the area, driving around police and aiming right at his store.

"He was probably going 60, 70 kilometres an hour, and like, full speed," Taylor said. "And he was swerving, and he went right into oncoming traffic, with no regard of humanity."

Eventually, the truck changed its course, smashing into a car stopped at the intersection. That car crashed into another parked car, which ended up on the sidewalk.

Considering the area is known for its heavy foot traffic, Taylor is surprised and grateful no one was hurt.

"There were people walking outside of Bike Universe, people coming out of Leyda's," he said. "And the car took out the bus stop sign right there, and there were people walking up and down the street."

A 25 year old man has been charged in connection to the massive lengthy chase.

Timothy Gunn is also facing charges from Lloydminster RCMP in connection with an armed robbery earlier this month.